April – Greetings from KH

Jacalyn-Lund-Color-214x300Last week, I had the opportunity to interview some Health and Physical Education students who will soon graduate from Georgia State. One of my questions concerned professional development: “What are you going to do in the next five years to become a better teacher?” While they had some interesting answers, it was pretty obvious that they hadn’t spent a lot of time considering learning after graduation. I think that sometimes people view the college degree with relief and think that they can stop learning. Truly effective professionals (from all professions, not just teaching) continue to be students of practice and gain new knowledge to hone the skills that were introduced to them while earning a degree. For those of you getting ready to graduate, think about what you are going to do after graduation for professional development. Be sure to give us your contact information so that you can remain connected to the department and continue receiving the monthly updates provided by this newsletter. If you have been in the field for a while, perhaps it is time to re-visit the idea of professional development. For some of you, it may involve going back to school and obtaining an advanced degree. For others, it might involve becoming a member of an organization and start reading the publications that are a benefit of membership. Many may turn to technology for growth and learning. One of the best outcomes of a college education is the desire to continue to grow – It’s time to think about new ideas, new learning, and new horizons!

Dr. Jackie Lund
Chair, KH Department