May – Greetings from KH

Jacalyn-Lund-Color-214x300 When you look at a batch of popcorn spilling over the sides of the popping machine, you have the sense of energy and good things happening. That analogy is probably the best way I have to describe the energy that I sense in the KH Department for the past few weeks. Faculty members and grad students have completed the Desire2Move (D2M) competition and handily defeated the other two programs that joined in on the fun. I have been busy signing off on IRBs as the Sport Medicine graduate students get ready to start new research projects with their professors. Dr. Wu’s study abroad students are getting ready for the upcoming trip to China. Dr. Ellis has started work with an Atlanta Beltline advisory group. The Sports Administration students had the opportunity to hear from an Olympic medalist at their end-of-the-year banquet. Student teachers are finishing their placements and are getting ready to start new jobs in the fall. This month’s newsletter will give you more details of all the things “popping” around the department – enjoy the details!!

Dr. Jackie Lund
Chair, KH Department