Otis Receives GSU Research Initiation Grant

Jeff OtisDr. Jeff Otis, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Health, was awarded the GSU Research Initiation Grant recently. His research focuses on long-term alcohol ingestion that may produce severe skeletal muscle atrophy, weakness, and fatigue. These detriments, collectively classified as alcoholic myopathy, have been estimated to occur in 45-70% of chronic alcoholics and are 4 times more common than liver cirrhosis. Unfortunately, an effective treatment option to combat this form of myopathy remains elusive. His previous research demonstrates partial success using the antioxidant procysteine to abate alcohol-induced oxidant stress and improve muscle cross-sectional area in an animal model of chronic alcoholism. However, procysteine supplementation failed to improve many important markers associated with optimal skeletal muscle health. His new project aims to understand if resveratrol, a grape extract associated with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and pro-metabolic properties, can help ameliorate symptoms of alcoholic myopathy.