June – Greetings from KH

Jacalyn-Lund-Color-214x300 Health is wealth – a nice phrase – something you would expect to hear from a Kinesiology and Health Department Chair. Actually, I heard it while on a bus traveling to the Great Wall with the department’s Study Abroad to China students. Our tour guide was chatting with me and when she heard that we were from a kinesiology and health department, she uttered the phrase. With over 1 billion people, China knows that if its people are healthy, it will save billions of dollars on health care. Additionally, good health is an important part of quality of life. I’m sure that many people in China consider activity an important part of being healthy. In the morning hours we saw people doing tai chi as part of an exercise routine. We walked with elderly people climbing the Great Wall and danced with some women in the park surrounding the Temple of Heaven. As we prepare our students to enter a variety of careers associated with exercise and sport, I hope that we as faculty members send the message that they can make a difference in encouraging people to move. They can teach others that exercise doesn’t need to be onerous or painful. People can play tennis or golf, walk with a friend, shoot some hoops at local courts, or do stretches for ½ an hour each night while watching the news or a television show. The important thing is for people to be active each and every day. Lack of time is frequently cited as a reason for not being active. I encourage you to take time!! It is the best gift that you will ever give yourself. I hope that you adopt the phrase “Health is wealth” for your new motto to live by.


Dr. Jackie Lund
Chair, KH Department