Greetings from the Chair

Dr. Jackie Lund portrait

Last week’s snow storm gave many people the opportunity to do some nice things for others and for the recipients to say thanks. Similarly, the recent flood in the Sports Arena basement found many people going above and beyond the call of duty to help us get back to normal.

Saying thanks for a job well done is very simple and doesn’t take much time, yet we don’t often remember to do it. We are going to give students, staff, faculty members and others an opportunity to show their appreciation for others in the department. As you can see by the picture, we have a new tree growing in the front office of KH – it is a Thank You Tree. Here’s how it works. When someone does something that you appreciate, simply get one of the “leaves” and fill it out. It will have the person’s name that you are thanking as well as a brief description of the good deed that it represents. Our goal is to give the tree lots of leaves by the end of the spring semester. The leaves are available on our receptionist’s desk (Ms. Carrie Mae Dumas for those of you who haven’t met her); give the completed leaf back to her so that we can add it to the tree. Be sure to take the time to say thanks and let others know that we appreciate their efforts to make this department a special place to work.