Sport Admin Graduate Students Win Case Study Competition

Sport Administration graduate students Daphne Adebayo, Walter Bergeson, Jennifer Pecoraro, and Bailey Thornton won the College Sport Research Institute Case Study Competition on April 21. The national competition, which featured both a written paper and formal presentation, was held in Columbia, SC. Dr. Beth Cianfrone was the advisor for all of the aforementioned students. Former… more »

Otis, Baumann, and Rogers Publish in International Journal

Dr. Jeff Otis, his former doctoral student, Cory Baumann, and his current doctoral student, Russell Rogers, recently published a two journal articles. Baumann is the primary author for the article entitled, “Muscular strength is unaffected by short-term resveratrol supplementation in aged mouse muscle”. Rogers lead the research study entitled, “Recovery of skeletal muscle function following… more »

Pitts Delivers Keynote at International Sport Management Conference

Dr. Brenda Pitts, a distinguished sport management professor and Zeigler scholar, was interviewed on Brazilian radio while in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She was the Keynote Speaker for the 4th Congress of Latin American Association for Sport Management in April. The radio DJ asked questions about the growing popularity of and need for Sport Business Management… more »

May – Greetings from KH

Posted On May 12, 2015

May is the month for graduation and students heading out to begin new careers. One of my favorite questions to ask is – “Why do you want to be a ______?” Invariably, there is someone in the person’s life that made a significant impression on the individual and inspired the student to consider a career… more »