Dashaun Outlaw

dashaun-outlaw-2Dashaun Outlaw, a senior student in Exercise Science undergraduate program, is doing his internship at Beijing Sport University from September to December 2017. Dashaun participated in the Study Abroad program in sport and exercise science in Beijing, China in May 2016. During the two-week program at Beijing Sport University, Dashaun fell in love with the local student life and was fascinated by Chinese traditional medicine and massage therapy as well as Chinese history and culture. After coming back from the study abroad trip last year, Dashaun decided to spend a whole semester at Beijing Sport University to learn more Chinese culture and rehabilitation science. Dashaun successfully secured a scholarship from the Chinese government to support his semester-long internship and work directly with a professor at Beijing Sport University. Dashaun hopes to use the new skills learned overseas to broaden his knowledge base and facilitate his future career.