Kinesiology & Health FAQs

Kinesiology is a term that describes the study of human movement. It includes but is not limited to the fields of biomechanics, exercise science, sports medicine, sport psychology, and physical education.
The department offers seven degree programs including undergraduate degrees in health and physical education and exercise science. Students can earn a masters degree in the following areas; health and physical education, exercise science, and sport administration. The department offers a doctoral degree program in Kinesiology. Degree programs can be found by clicking on the following link: Degree Programs

Yes, various graduate programs offer assistantships that include a stipend and tuition waiver. The doctoral program offers graduate assistantships in each of the three concentration areas. All assistantships are competitive. Graduate Assistantships for more information.
No, you are not able to receive a certification without going through a degree program. You must be enrolled in either the BS/HPE or MED/HPE program.  You will receive the certification along with your degree. Further information can be found at the following link:Teacher Certification
The exercise program offers preparation for careers in corporate fitness and wellness, cardiac rehabilitation and other clinical careers, opportunities in the fitness industry, and advanced preparation in exercise physiology and biomechanics. The health and physical education program offers teacher certification for careers in public school teaching. The sport administration program prepares students for careers in the athletic industry including sport marketing, facility management, sport information, and other related areas.  The doctoral program in Kinesiology prepares students for research and teaching careers in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and physical rehabilitation. See the Degree Programs link for more information.
Georgia State is a leading research university located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The department of Kinesiology and Health is located inside the Sports Arena. More information can be found at the GSU Home Page.