Why study Sport Administration at Georgia State University?

The Georgia State University Sport Administration program prides itself on excellence in both the classroom and in the sports industry.

If you think you want a career in sports, this is the program for you! We are located in the heart of downtown Atlanta near all of the Atlanta professional sports teams and many professional sport organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Potential career paths can be found in such areas as management, marketing, legal, risk management, financial, the media, promotions, public relations, communications, sports information, design, retail, manufacturing, and coaching. The following are examples of the industry segments: sports media, sports facilities and arenas, sports retail business, sport product manufacturing, sport club management, entrepreneurial enterprising, amateur and community sports enterprises, professional sports, sports travel and tourism, international sport management, college sports, and athlete representation and management. Other students have used the master's degree as a basis for continuing onto law school focusing on sport law, or a doctoral program to obtain a Ph.D. to become a sport management professor.

Some graduates from our program are employed with the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Spirit, Atlantic Coast Conference, Auburn University, NASCAR, Philadelphia 76ers, San Diego Padres, Southeastern Conference, St. Louis Cardinals, University of Alabama, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of Texas-Austin, USA Track & Field, and William and Mary, to name a few of the many organizations.

As you research graduate programs, you may notice some are titled Sport Management while others are titled Sport Administration. Historically, academic programs geared toward athletic administration stemmed in Physical Education departments in a College of Education & Human Development and were called Sports Administration. Over time, the term Sport Management has been used synonymously with Sport Administration. Because our program was established in the mid-1980’s, it originated from the historic athletic administration background. Today, our program retains the traditional name and includes the same course as those programs titled Sport Management.
No. This program is designed for students with a wide variety of backgrounds and degree fields.
The GSU Sport Administration program is one of the oldest in the Southeast. It was started in 1984, providing a large alumni base.

The Sport Administration program’s faculty are among the leading researchers in the field. All Sport Administration classes are taught by academic and industry experts with doctorate degrees.  Dr. Brenda Pitts is the writer of many of the bestselling Sports Marketing textbooks. Dr. Beth Cianfrone is an established researcher and has been a published author numerous times on the subject of advertising in sports and sports video games. Dr. Tim Kellison has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and news outlets, with his research focused on the politics of sport facility financing, urban and regional planning and environmentally sustainable design.

Atlanta is the premier location for anyone interested in pursuing a career in sports, with many events being held just blocks from the Georgia State University campus. The wide scope of organizations in the area provides GSU students and graduates with numerous volunteer, internship, and job opportunities. Located less than 2 miles from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Philips Arena, the GSU Sport Administration program can offer many opportunities in the field of sports. Students are highly encouraged to get involved in the sports industry in Atlanta with this program.

Typically, two years. For full information on courses, completion times and credit hours please visit the catalog.
Yes. The program may be completed in less than 2 years based on the availability of classes, the number of credits taken each semester, and the utilization of the Summer Semester.
No, there are no formal specializations. However, specialization occurs through the coursework, internship experience, or thesis."
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Yes. For those on the internship track, a full-time internship is required during your last semester after all core courses of the program have been completed, unless otherwise specified, and permitted by a faculty advisor."
Students have the option to complete the internship requirement, or they can elect to pursue the thesis track. The internship is the cornerstone and culminating experience of the program in which the student will work in an approved sport business enterprise under professional supervision. The student is required to acquire the place for the internship in consultation with a faculty advisor. The internship cannot be taken until all other courses of the program have been completed unless otherwise specified and permitted by a faculty advisor. Along with the internship requirement, the student will also be required to take the Comprehensive Exam. The thesis track requires Master's-level students in sports administration to conduct research and complete a formal thesis. It must be started two semesters prior to graduating and is overseen by a faculty advisor. The thesis track does not require taking the Comprehensive Exam."
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