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The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies concentration in Sport Administration provides students with a broad-based knowledge of the business of sport in order to prepare them for managerial positions in the sport industry. Students have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to apply to careers in the sport industry through selection of coursework in: sport administration, hospitality administration, journalism and public relations, and sport coaching, offered at Georgia State University through different departments and academic disciplines.

The BIS concentration in Sport Administration seeks to prepare students for careers in the sport industry through an interdisciplinary approach with curriculum based in sport administration, hospitality administration, journalism and public relations, and sport coaching.

The sport business industry is among the largest industries in the United States, often listed in the top ten industries; size estimates of the vast and complex sport business industry show it to be somewhere between $422 billion to over $2 trillion (Pitts & Stotlar, 2013; Plunkett, 2011).  The BIS in Sport Administration prepares students to work in the diverse industry. The industry provides jobs in a myriad of segments, including but not limited to sport management, sport marketing, sport finance, sport communication, sport hospitality and management, sport facility and event management, sport journalism, public relations, sport coaching, social media marketing, and/or sport or marketing agencies. The interdisciplinary nature of the program, with Hospitality Administration, Journalism and Public Relations, and Sport Coaching, provides a wide scope of opportunities for students to focus their efforts.

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Tim Newman, Ed.D.
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Brenda Pitts, Ed.D.

Tim Kellison, Ph.D.

Beth Cianfrone, Ph.D.

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