Sports Medicine FAQ

Student graduating from an accredited Athletic Training program and therefore student is already BOC certified or eligible for BOC certification.
Yes, please have scores sent to GSU.  There is no official minimum score for admittance.   Scores should be received prior to January 15th application deadline.
Depends on the year of admittance, but we have Division I and III college and university positions, along with both private and public high school positions.
Depends on the position you are interested in, check directions under Clinical Settings link on the Sports Medicine webpage. (
No, we offer a full tuition waiver (we even cover out-of-state tuition).  You are only responsible for student fees every term. Fees are approximately $800 for summer, and $1,100 for fall and spring terms.
You must begin class during the summer term.  Classes begin early June and last until late July for summer term.  Classes begin late August and last until early December for fall term.  Classes begin early January and last until early May for spring term.
Classes are typically Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  We try to have you out of class by 1:30pm in order for you to get to your clinical site.
Yes, you are required to complete a research project in order to graduate.
You do need to get licensed by the Georgia Board of Athletic Trainers if you would like to get paid for any contract work outside of your GA position.
You need to be sure that you are also Emergency Response Certified. The Program will require you to have CPR/AED, First Aid, and Emergency Response certifications by taking a class your first summer term. If you have one, but not the other, your professor will allow you to miss that portion of the class.
Yes. Each spring and fall term you will take a course called Practicum. The course has requirements such as: attending a professional meeting, completing a volunteer activity, shadowing physicians, and observing a surgery.
It is highly recommended that you have your own liability insurance as you are working under the license of your clinical supervisors. Most contract work will also require you to do so. Along with many other companies, the NATA can offer this for you. Please see: