Greetings from the Chair

December – Greetings from KH


I’m writing this on the day before the Thanksgiving holiday begins, and it’s pretty quiet around Georgia State. I’m not the only one here in the KH offices, though. There are a few students — just a few — around the building. I hear faculty members hard at work, using the quiet time to… more »

September – Greetings from KH


My youngest daughter started her sophomore year in high school on August 1st. While I cringe at such an early start, I still get a hint of excitement at all the back-to-school sales, photos from teacher friends preparing their classrooms, and the site of the new kindergarteners waiting for the school bus in our… more »

June – Greetings from KH


In preparation for a seminar I delivered at a conference recently, I read a book called “The Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande. The author is a surgeon who led the World Health Organization’s efforts to create the Safe Surgery Checklist, which caused a dramatic reduction in mistakes and complications during surgical procedures worldwide.

A… more »