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Environmental Sustainability

nationals-parkCalls to address global climate change—and the concomitant effects of extreme weather, conflict over scarce resources, and mass extinctions—continue to come from many directions. Confronting this “grand challenge” requires innovation, diplomacy, and cooperation at all levels of humanity, including in the spheres of science, geopolitics, and, commerce. One of these specific challenges relates to how built environments can be designed and managed more efficiently to improve urban environmental quality. In recent years, one way in which many have suggested that the sports industry might have a significant role in this endeavor is by participating in pro-environmental initiatives. Despite the momentum for sustainable programming, the adoption of green design principles lags behind.

CSUP studies examine how urban sports stadiums and organizational initiatives are used to catalyze environmentally sustainable development in the cities and regions in which they are located. In addition to evaluating how decisions are made to incorporate sustainable designs in sports stadiums, researchers will seek to examine the extent to which teams and stadiums impact urban environmental quality, stimulate pro-environmental behavior by other businesses and government, and induce behavioral change among local residents.

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