Biomechanics Lab

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The Georgia State University Biomechanics Laboratory is a 2,800 square foot research complex located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The lab houses an active research program focused on pediatric locomotion and populations with movement disorders as well as serving as instructional laboratory space for undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Kinesiology and Health.

Dr. Jianhua “Jerry” Wu utilizes the lab as primary research space along with several Ph.D. and M.S. students in biomechanics. Lab personnel also collaborate with GSU’s Applied Physiology and Musculoskeletal Injury Research labs as well as with the Division of Physical Therapy.

Established in its present location in 1996 to support biomechanics research during the Centennial Olympic Games, the lab has a 2,200 square foot research area and 600 square foot office space. The data collection space is flexible, with a 40 foot ceiling height and a catwalk/observation area 15 feet above the floor around half the perimeter. An eight foot by ten foot floor-level modular force platform pit allows for various placements of the lab’s force platforms.

The Biomechanics laboratory houses the following equipment for research:

  • Vicon motion capture system consisting of 12 T-10 cameras synchronized to a GigaNet with Vicon Nexus, Polygon, and BodyBuilder software all in most recent versions, complete with Plug-In-Gait and the Oxford foot model.
  • Two AMTI force platforms mounted flush with the floor in an isolated pit
  • Portable Delsys Trigno wireless electromyography (EMG) and accelerometer system
  • Zebris instrumented treadmill
  • Soloflex whole body vibration platform
  • Portable Noraxon electromyography (EMG) system
  • Twenty licenses of Dartfish TeamPro video capture and analysis software
  • AOS X-PRI 5.2 GB high speed (1000 Hz) video camera