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KH Waitlist

2019 Waitlist Closing Dates:

Spring 2019  – January 7th 2019

If you are having registration issues or are closed out of a class, you are not automatically placed on a waitlist.  You must place your name on a waitlist for the course in which you would like to enroll.  Add yourself to the waitlist by filling out the online form.  You will be added to the waitlist if you have met ALL course prerequisites, have no scheduling conflicts and have not yet reached your maximum credit hours allowed.

If you do not want to wait for a course any longer, you MUST take action to remove yourself from it.  Otherwise, you may be registered automatically if space becomes available!  You can remove yourself from the waitlist by selecting ‘Drop’ from the online form.

If space becomes available in a class and you are on the waitlist, you will be enrolled automatically.  It is up to you to check your course schedule throughout the first week of classes to see new course assignments.  If you are not selected from a waitlist, plan to take the course next semester.

  1. Not Selected To Enroll:  
    • Waitlist decisions are determined by class status, credits earned, GPA and other factors that determine students’ needs to take the course. Students that academically show the most need for the course are chosen. See your academic advisor for proper course planning.
  2. Time Conflicts:  
    • If the course that you have joined the waitlist for conflicts with a course you are currently enrolled in, you will not be placed into the course and will be removed from the waitlist. DO NOT place “filler” courses on your schedule that time conflict with KH Courses that you need. See your academic advisor for proper course planning.
  3. Max Hours:
    • Student are allowed to enroll into between 12 – 15 credit hours. If your current schedule does not allow room for additional course adds, you will be removed from the waitlist. See your academic advisor for proper course planning. Additional credit hours can be added by visiting the Student Advisement Center.
  4. Prerequisites:
    • You have not met the approved prerequisites for a course. Read through the course details to determine the GPA and previous course requirements before adding to a waitlist. See your academic advisor for assistance for proper course planning.  Check prerequisites, GPA requirements, and etc.
      You may check course requirements by accessing the Online University Catalog.