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Brenda Pitts

Professor    Professor - Sport Business Management    

Dr. Pitts is recognized for her research in these areas: Sport Marketing; Diversity and Sport Management; LGBT People and Sport; International Sport Management.


Brenda Pitts is an award-winning professor and is internationally recognized in sport business management and sport marketing. Her research, consulting, and service work have taken her around the world to every continent. She is the recipient of the 2016 Diversity Award in Sport Management, the 2000 Dr. Earle F. Zeigler Scholar Award, the 2014 Distinguished Sport Management Educator, the 2004 Garth Paton Distinguished Service Award, Research Fellows of the North American Society for Sport Management and the Sport Marketing Association.

Pitts is the author or co-author of six sport marketing textbooks, co-author of the first textbook on research methods in sport management and the editor and an author in three Sport Marketing Association’s book of papers. She has published numerous papers in several scholarly journals, such as the Sport Management Education Journal, Journal of Sport Management, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, Women in Sport and Physical Activity, Sport Management and Related Topics Journal, and the International Journal of Sport Management. She currently serves as the associate editor of the Global Sport Business Journal and a reviewer for numerous journals.

On the more fun side of life, she enjoys all kinds of sports, more recently soccer, golf, boating, volleyball, jogging, tennis and softball. Her prolific career in basketball from grade six through University of Alabama and professional brought her such awards as the retirement of her high school basketball uniform number, membership in the “A” Club of the University of Alabama, Huntsville (Alabama) Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee as a player in the first Women’s Professional Basketball League (WBL), and an inductee nominee for the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. Her dissertation research using the WBL smaller basketball became one of the studies used by the USA to adopt a women’s size basketball. Recently, Pitts won a couple of golf tournaments but has made the wise decision to keep her day job.


Select publications:

Jin, L., Zhang, J. J., Pitts, B., Connaughton, D. P., Swisher, M., Holland, S., & Spengler, J. O. (2015). Factors Associated with an Athletic Donor’s Intention to Donate to Green Stadium Initiatives of a Collegiate Athletic Program. International Journal of Event Management Research, 10 (1), 37-62.

Schwarz, E., Jamieson, N., I., & Pitts, B. G. (2015). The role of demography and migration in shaping the future of leisure, recreation, and sport. International Journal of Sport Management, 16 (4), 1-25.

Zhang, M., Kim, M., Pitts, B. G., & Zhang, J. (2015). From East to West: Organization and growth of Asian sporting events in North America. Journal of Shanghai University of Sport, 39 (4), 18-31.

Danylchuk, K., Baker, R., Pitts, B. G., & Zhang, J. (May 2015). Supervising international graduate students in Sport Management: Perspectives of Experienced Advisors. Sport Management Education Journal, 9 (1), 1-17.

Cianfrone, B., Pitts, B. G., Zhang, J., Byon, K. (2015). Identifying key market demand factors associated with high school basketball tournaments. Sport Marketing Quarterly, 24 (2), 91-104.